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Christmas Star Burlap Bag and Lip Balm
Christmas Star Burlap Bag and Lip Balm

Christmas Star Burlap Bag and Lip Balm

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I just love these cute little Burlap bags with a re Christmas star on. I've teamed it with our new Lip balm to make the perfect stocking filler. 

I hope that you agree that this Lip Balm is perfect. Just the right amount of slip so that it glides on nicely, thanks to the Castor Oil, but also stays on long enough to moistures you lips, thanks to the unrefined Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil.  

Finally it is Vegan friendly as it is made with Candellila wax which is derived from the leaves of a small shrub. Its perfect for lip balms as it is alternative to the usual beeswax and it helps to give that glossy look and create an occlusive layer on the skin. 

It includes 1 x Burlap Bag 10 x 8cm 

1 x 15ml Lip Balm 

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Please see individual Lip Balm page for full list of ingredients, 

I have chosen to package in a small aluminium tin to avoid the use of single plastic.