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Reusable make up pads and bamboo pot
Reusable make up pads and bamboo pot
Reusable make up pads and bamboo pot
Reusable make up pads and bamboo pot
Reusable make up pads and bamboo pot
Reusable make up pads and bamboo pot

Bamboo Make Up Remover Pads and Bamboo Storage Pot

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Eco friendly and Zero waste.

How stunning would this look on your bathroom shelf! A must have for a make up cleansing system and a way of playing your part in committing to creating less waste and limiting disposables that go directly into landfill. These reusable bamboo make up pads are designed to be soft and durable. 

2 Types of Pads

The set includes soft and scrub makeup removal pads. The scrub pads are perfect for cleaning off tenacious products and exfoliating the skin. Whereas the soft pads are great for sensitive areas like the eyes and everyday makeup. On any given day, these reusable makeup remover pads will meet your make-up removal needs.

Whats included

  • Bamboo makeup remover pads:
    • 5 x Scrub terry pads (80% bamboo, 20% cotton)
    • 5 x Soft velvet pads (60% bamboo, 20% cotton 20% polyester)
  • 1 x 50% Cotton bag for washing the pads in
  • 1 x Bamboo storage pot for storage

How to use

Decide on which pad you wish to use to remove your make up. You can use the pads dry or damp. Before applying lotions on the pad, we recommend dampening it with a few drops of water. Then, squeeze the pad to moisten it evenly. Finally add your product on the pad. This improves the absorption rate of the pads, meaning you must use less lotion.

Care of your pads


After using the pad it is advisable to rinse straight away with water and soap to remove any of the make up residue. You can then re use and rinse the pads a few times before putting them in the washing machine. However, if staining is still showing on the pad after rinsing it is better to clean in the washing machine before using again. 



We recommend washing the pads before using for the first time. 

Clean your pads regularly at 40° in the cotton bag provided. Tie it securely so the pads stay together and it is advisable not to use softener and to let them air dry rather than a tumble dryer. 


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