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Bath & Body Subscription Box

Bath & Body Subscription Box

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Here is our Bath & Body Subscription Box.

It's what you've been waiting for. A gorgeous box of goodies delivered directly to your door each month. Happy Post!

Each box will be kept a secret but will contain at least 5 luxury products or items which will include:   

~ 3 regular size soap bars

~ 1 mini soap Bar

~ A Mystery item/s worth between £4 - £6. These may be one of our products or a product from another small business. 

~ The box will be despatched between the 1st and the 10th of each month

~ You can cancel at any time and you will be able to do this through your account. 

~ If there are any new products that are due to be launched that month, you will receive them first before anyone else.

~ There may also be a month where there is a special discount code/offer included in the box too.  

Items in the picture are an example. These may not be the soaps in your box each month. 

Monthly Subscription Box Details

This is a monthly subscription box so you will automatically be charged each month until you decide to cancel. You will receive your first box in the first week of the following month after payment. For example, if you pay on any date in January you will receive February's box. Pay on any date in February you will receive March's box. Your payment date will be determined on the date you initially subscribe, so if you pay on 11th January your future payments will be taken on the 11th of each month.

*If you first subscribe on 31st of a month, for the following months that don't have 31 days we will charge your card on the last day of that month. For example, when February comes round (28 days), your card will be charged on the 28th. 

You will need to set up an account with The Wrinkly Elephant in order to access your subscription. This will then enable you to amend any card details, cancel or skip any month. 

By purchasing this box you are agreeing to receive a bundle of bath and body products and specific variants cannot be chosen. We cannot accept refunds or returns if you do not like the products or if you have any allergies.

Postage charge will be £3.95 each month. However, if you do add any additional items, then this may differ depending on the weight of the parcel. This will be calculated at checkout. 

Please note any additional items purchased at the same time as your subscription box will be shipped altogether on the date your subscription box is due.