Father's Day is Sunday 21st June. The Father's Day gift collection is now available.


This is a new market for the Wrinkly Elephant Company but one that opens up a whole new world for me in being able to help couples create their dream day. I love thinking up new ideas and ways to present my soaps and shower steamers and encourage others to get back to using the humble bar of soap. The feeling that knowing my products have been part of someone’s special day…well…what can I say…truly wonderful! I think that personalised soaps can be amazing wedding favours. They’re useful, handmade, come in plastic free packaging and they look SO good.

As well as Wedding favours our gift sets are also suitable as giving that 'Thank you' present to Bridesmaids, Maids of honour, Mother of the Bride or anyone who has helped to make your day special. 

Please contact at info@thewrinklyelephant.com for details and prices and to discuss your individual requirements.

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