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How did you choose the name for your company?

This was a conversation between myself and my husband. We had been going around in circles for a long time trying out names which includes the word ‘soap’ or ‘natural’ or a play on my name. Nothing felt right. I happened to be searching other skincare brands and came across another brand’s name that was a bit  ‘out of the ordinary’ and had nothing to do with skincare whatsoever. My husband’s reply to this was “…that’s ridiculous. You might as well call yourself a Wrinkly Elephant!” to which we fell about laughing. We dismissed it at first but over a period of about 3 months we kept being drawn back to it. It was memorable and when we eventually tested it out on others they loved it. The Wrinkly Elephant Company was born and registered on 17thMay 2017. Although nothing was ever sold then as the lengthy process began in testing out recipes.

Do you offer wholesale?

If you are interested in stocking our products, then please email us at info@thewrinklyelephant.com and we will happily forward a price list.


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