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About The Wrinkly Elephant Company

Our Ethos for making ethical and sustainable handmade soap bars and bath products.  

We are committed to continuing to develop the way we provide our products without damaging the environment. We are dedicated to working in a way that is plastic free, ensuring we continually evaluate how we present and deliver our soap bars and bath products.  

All of our products are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable packaging to reduce any harm to the planet.  This is important to us and we are constantly listening to our customers and researching new ways to develop the way we work in order to be better at taking care of the environment.  

Getting started with homemade soap bars- The story of The Wrinkly Elephant Company   

Handmade soap and bath products began as a hobby when I was working full time as a Teaching assistant at a local Primary school and quickly become a passion.  

My passion was further ignited by the difference I noticed in my skin, when using my own handmade soaps and I was so proud of the soap bars when my family and friends shared the difference they were experiencing and inspired me to create my own business. It began in 2017 in our garage that we had converted into a soap room. By 2020, due to many new customers ditching single use plastics and looking for good quality natural soap bars, we had outgrown this and moved to a unit in a local business park.  

The Wrinkly Elephant Company is a Husband and Wife team, dedicated to the values and ethos we hold in providing our customers with soap and bath products that make a difference to each person without taking away from the health of our natural environment. 

Choosing the name for a handmade soap bar company  

I happened to be searching other skincare brands and came across another brand’s name that was a bit ‘out of the ordinary’ and had nothing to do with skincare. My husband’s reply to this was “…that’s ridiculous. You might as well call yourself a Wrinkly Elephant!” to which we fell about laughing.  

The Wrinkly Elephant Company was born and registered on 17th May 2017.  

Having an impact elsewhere in the world 

We are proud to have supported an orphaned elephant, reaching out from Worcestershire, UK to support others who need help across the world.  

Follow the Link to read our girl, Lemeki, the founding member of the Kaluku Neonate Nursery herd. 

Click here to get involved.  

Where are we going next? 

As a Husband and Wife team, we know that the success of The Wrinkly Elephant rests on the recipes we create across our handmade soap and baths product ranges.  

We know that couldn’t have done this without the support of our loyal customers, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.  

We are constantly designing new recipes, exploring new ingredients and finding new places to share our passion and experience in providing a product with real care and attention to detail.  

We are so excited to see where the next phase of our company will take us, and I hope you will continue to come along for the ride. 

Lisa Turner 

Founder and Director, The Wrinkly Elephant Company® 


As always you can follow our daily adventures on our Instagram page.

@thewrinklyelephantcompany or @mrwrinklyelephant