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Soap Suitability

Can I use your products during pregnancy? 

There are certain essential oils that are not recommended during pregnancy or at certain points in your pregnancy.  

I would always advise that you consult your GP or Midwife to ensure that you have the latest advice and use our ingredient list to help you. There are some variations of my products that are unscented and do not contain any essential oils and these may be suitable.  

Are your products Vegan? 

The majority of my products are suitable for Vegans but please check the ingredient listing on each product page.  

I do not use any ingredients that are tested on animals. 

Are your products cruelty free? 

We do not test any of our products on animals and neither do our suppliers. 

Can you use these products during cancer treatment? 

I must stress here that you must always take the advice from your doctor or nurse. Generally, it is recommended that it is best to choose mild unscented products.  

My handmade soaps are all made with a base recipe of natural oils; coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and shea butter which are mild and gentle on the skin. I offer 2 soaps that are unscented; Simply Natural and Natural Oats. 

Which handmade soap is suitable for dry skin/acne prone skin /eczema? 

All my soaps have the same base recipe. Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil and Shea butter. I use nearly 20% of unrefined Shea butter in my soaps. Unrefined means when it is extracted from the seeds it is prepared without any added chemicals and preservatives therefore making it full of vitamins and skin loving benefits. I then differentiate them by adding botanicals, clays and essential oils to help with a range of skin types. 

  • Acne Prone skin- Ebony & Ivory has activated charcoal which is claimed to bind to dirt and oil in the skin and help clear pores out. Alternatively, Peppermint & Tea Tree Soap contains green clay which claims to have deep detoxification and purification properties. It helps to remove the impurities from the skin leaving it feeling toned and refreshed. It also has Tea Tree essential oil which has antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Eczema/Psoriasis-Shea Butter It is claimed to have a deep moisturising effect and have substances that can reduce swelling. It is also anti-inflammatory so it can help to calm irritated skin. When beginning to use bar soap I recommend that you start with either Simply Natural (unscented) or Natural Oats (unscented). 
  • Dry skin –Due to the nature of these soaps and that I use nearly 20% Shea butter, they are very moisturising and therefore most (apart from Ebony & Ivory and Peppermint & Tea Tree) would be suitable. Pink clay (found in Lavender & Lemongrass as well as Floral delight)   is claimed to help cell renewal which can result in a supple, younger looking skin and is perfect for dry and sensitive type skin. 


Is handmade soap antibacterial? 

Yes, all soap is antibacterial whether it be handmade or made using harsh chemicals. All soaps have the ability to cling to any bacteria that is on your body. Soap works by reducing the surface tension between the bacteria and the skin as we rub the soap on our body and is then rinsed away.