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Subscription boxes

When will my payment be taken?  

Your payment is taken in the month before the box is due out. The date you initially subscribe to the monthly subscription box will become your payment date each month. For example, if you want to receive August’s box you need to subscribe and pay for it in July. If you pay on 1st July then each month thereafter your payment will be taken on the 1st  of the month. If you paid for it on 28th July payment each month would be 28th of the month.  

How long do I have to subscribe for?  

There is no minimum term. You can cancel, pause or skip at any time as long as the box has not been dispatched to you.  

How do I cancel, skip or pause? 

You can do this by logging into your account. If you've not created an account before then click on the person icon on the homepage.  

Click create account and use the email that you used when purchasing. 

It will ask you to create a password and then it should let you in.  

If you have never created a password, then although there is an account for you, you need to activate it.  

Once you're in, click on the subscription tab under the heading 'My Account' then you can choose what you want to do. 

If I restart my subscription after pausing when will my payment be taken? 

Your subscription payment will be the date that you decide to resume on.  

For example, if your payment date originally was 23rd of the month but you have paused it over the last 2 months, then you decide to resume and access your account, for example, on the 15th of July as you want to receive August’s box, your new payment date will become the 15th of the month.  

If you want to continue on the same date that you originally had, you would need to resume it on the 23rd of the month.  

When will I receive my subscription box? 

Subscription boxes are dispatched at the beginning of each month, generally between 1st –6th of the month.  

What is included in the subscription box? 

~ 3 regular size soap bars 

~ 1 mini soap Bar 

~ A Mystery item/s worth between £4 - £6. These may be one of our products or a product from another small business. 

How much is postage? 

Postage is calculated at Royal Mail's first-class rate which is currently £4.50.  

If there is a price increase to postage (which Royal Mail often do) then you will not incur the higher charge. It will remain at the price that was charged when you signed up.  

If, however you cancel your subscription and then resign up at a later date, then the postage will be charged at that new rate.  

Can I add additional products?  

No. The products each month are designed to fit into the subscription box and there is no additional room for other products. You would need to place a separate order.  

How do I access my account? 

Go to the person icon at the top right of the homepage. If you have never done this before, you will be asked to log in with the email you used when purchasing the subscription box and setting a password.  

How do I update my card details? 

You can do this from accessing your account from the homepage. If you are having difficulties then please email us and we can send a separate link. 

What if my payment fails?  

If your card payment fails to take the payment on your due date, you will receive an email advising you of this.  

It will then attempt payment again 24 hours late and then again, another 24 hours later. If it fails on the 3rd attempt your subscription will be automatically cancelled.  

If you wished to purchase again you will have to set a new subscription up.  

My payment date originally was 31st when will it be taken in months that don’t have 31 days?  

If you first subscribe on 31st of a month, for the following months that don't have 31 days we will charge your card on the last day of that month. For example, when February comes round (28 days), your card will be charged on the 28th, in June it will be 30th