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Shower Steamer Duo packs
Shower Steamer Duo packs
Shower Steamer Duo packs
Shower Steamer Duo packs
Shower Steamer Duo packs

Shower Steamer Duo packs

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Welcome to our brand new subscribe and save service for shower steamers 

Here you can purchase just one duo pack of shower steamers, but that is generally easier to do on the individual shower steamer page, or in order to benefit from some savings you can choose to subscribe each month for either 2,3 or 4 duo packs.

There is a minimum term of 3 months. 

How it works

2 x duo pack sent monthly £10 each month

3 x duo pack sent monthly £12 each month

4 x duo pack monthly £15 each month 

This is a monthly subscribe and save service. You choose how many duo packs you would like each month to be delivered. When checking out you will need to state in the notes section which scent you would like to be delivered each month.

For instance if you chose the option for 3 duo packs then in the notes section write the names of the shower steamers  you would like e.g 1 duo pack of lemongrass, 1 duo pack of lavender  and 1 duo pack of Breathe Easy. Then each month these 3 packs would be delivered to you. If you wanted 4 duo packs choose the 4 pack option and add your scents e.g. 2 duo packs of Floral, 1 duo pack of Lavender and 1 duo pack of Lemongrass  pop it into the notes section then each month this is what will be sent to you. If you do not state which scents you would like then we will randomly pick some for you. If for any reason when your order goes through one or more of the scents you have chosen are not available then we will contact you to find out your alternative. 

Payment will be taken on the same day each month ie. the day that you signed up. So if you have decided to purchase on 19th of February for instance then any future payments will be made on the 19th of each month. Your order will generally be despatched within 48 hours of your order being placed. 

In order to benefit from these savings there is a minimum term of 3 months, after this time has passed then you can cancel at any time. 

If for any reason you wish to change the scents of your shower steamers for your next delivery, then email with your details and we can arrange this for you. This can only be done if that month's delivery has not been despatched yet 

All the shower steamers available are listed below and you can click on each name to be taken to the page for further information on them but you will need to return to this page to order on the subscribe and save option. 


Postage will be charged at £4.50 each month. 

Lavender Shower Steamer Duo

Lemongrass Shower Steamer Duo

Orange Shower Steamer Duo 

Breathe Easy Shower Steamer Duo 

Floral Delight